Building your relationship with Allah

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

“Recite the book (the Qur’an) which has been revealed to you and establish salaah. Verily salaah (performed with all its conditions and etiquettes) prevent immoral behaviour and evil. Undoubtedly, the remembrance of Allah is greatest. Allah knows what you do (and will reward you for every action carried out sincerely).” – Q29:45



I know how ‘busy’ we all are with our million and one responsibilities. So busy we tend to do everything but spiritual development. We push it aside and somehow convince ourselves that it can be done another day. But who promised you tomorrow?

In order to make changes in our lives and how we treat our relationship with our Rabb (Lord), we need to be proactive. This should be our priority because when your relationship with Allah is sound, everything in your life will fall into place—literally.

To do this, we need to perform every method prescribed to us by Allah – a few of which have been mentioned in the verse above – with Ihsaan (to the best of our ability).

  1. Reciting the Qur’an
  • Out of the 1440 minutes in your entire day, dedicate at least 10 minutes to reciting the Qur’an. I’ll advise that this is done in the morning hours because life gets busy after that and other things become our priority.
  • Explore the Qur’an. There are 6236 verses in the Qur’an; you’ve got a wide range of choice!
  • Choose a verse a day (or a week), recite it in Arabic, read the translation and ponder about it. Reflect on how this verse relates to your life and how you can implement what you’ve read in your life or make du’a for yourself and loved ones; depending on what the verse entails. You could put a sticker on your wall with a “verse of the month” and action points to serve as a daily reminder. And you could measure your progress by assessing yourself and how well you’re implementing the gems of the verse on a weekly basis.
  1. Establish Salaah
  • Ensure that you establish your salaah at their prescribed times. Once you put it off, you’ll continue to postpone doing it until the time for the next salaah comes in and so on.
  • Plan your day around salaah times such that you don’t feel the need to make excuses when the time for salaah comes and you can beat procrastination too. I’m sure we’ve heard this before but it couldn’t be any truer.
  • Each salaah takes a minimum of about 5 minutes which isn’t too much to ask for from the 1440 minutes Allah azza wa jal has blessed you with.
  • If you’re always on the go, invest in a portable prayer mat and ensure you always carry it around. That way, you can pray anywhere.
  • If you’re at work, try to take your breaks close to/during prayer times; it really won’t take too much of your time. Besides, the sweetness of salaah would help boost your productivity! And if you’re a student, sacrifice some of your lunch time to spend some time with your Rabb. Trust me, it’s rejuvenating and it’s worth it!
  • Most importantly, we should always try to ensure that we have wudhu always. Before you leave home, make wudhu and if it happens to break, find a clean toilet. You could purchase/carry around a bottle of water if you’re weary about using water in locations you aren’t familiar with.
  1. Remembrance of Allah
  • Dhikr – the easiest of all. This can be done at anytime, anywhere.
  • Instead of filling your heart with music or your mind with crazy, random thoughts (coming from an overthinker and daydreamer), you should consciously cultivate the habit of doing dhikr always.
  • If you really don’t know what to say, Alhamdulillah would be just fine. You are alive – that’s enough reason to be thankful.
  • Istighfar would go a long way too. We’re humans and we’re constantly sinning, therefore, seeking forgiveness always is essential.


And say, ‘My Lord! Forgive my sins and have mercy on me. Undoubtedly, You are the best of those who show mercy!’” – Q23:118

May Allah ease our affairs and helps us cultivate a beautiful, personal relationship with Him. Ameen.

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